Brand Films

I had the pleasure of working with Matthew on making a 60 second commercial for the business I am employed by. As the main character of the video I felt confident and comfortable because of Matthew’s great communication before and during the shoot. His kind, patient and knowledgeable demeanor made working with him a true joy! I was blown away by the end product too and the speed it took him to make such a quality finished product. I definitely recommend Future Fox Media!
— ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Joy Childress - Yoga Pod

What is a Brand Film?

A Brand Film is a 1-3 minute piece that companies can use to market their story and brand to their potential clients. They are typically cinematic in style and customer designed to fit your company’s brand, vision, and mission. But most importantly, a Brand Film is content driven. It is critical that your content be relatable and authentic and appeal and need to be relatable and authentic in order to appeal to your audience.

A Brand Film should increase your customer purchasing, brand awareness and engage your audience on a deeper level than traditional marketing. It can be a great tool to reach younger audiences, especially on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Younger audiences are weary of traditional advertising and do not like the feeling of being “sold to”. Brand films are like a short movie, and who doesn’t love movies!?

Brand Films, because of their length and style, are designed to be shareable. The more sharable your content is, the more likely it is to be picked up organically and shared via word of mouth. This is marketing GOLD! Many of the films are posted on YouTube and Vimeo, and can be shared through social media. The goal isn’t a viral video necessarily, because those are quite random. But, a solid piece of story driven content, that features your brand, is highly sharable, and points people back to your company should be expected from one of our Brand Films.

Are Brand Films here to stay?

Yes! Brand Films are not going anywhere. As more and more marketing is moving away from broadcast television and towards social media and YouTube, we will see a growing trend for companies to create Brand Films. The production and distribution costs are significantly less and the results can be exponential. Traditional advertising is easily dismissible in todays world, but brand films are the content that most people are desiring to watch. Expect to see more and more branded content from companies in the next 5-10 years.

If you are interested in creating a Brand Film for your company, reach out to us and let’s talk about how we can help you achieve your business’ goals!