Non-profit videos

An enthusiastic five stars! FFM has produced several high-quality, creatively-driven videos for our nonprofit, Life for the Innocent, to communicate our core messages in compelling, concise ways. FFM has been an invaluable asset in telling our story and mission. Matthew is such a pleasure to work with, is flexible and committed to every detail of the project, and really can do it all!
— ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Google Review - Life for the Innocent

If you are a nonprofit or ministry, you have probably had a bad experience with a video project. Because you are so mindful of your budget, chances are you have relied on a volunteer or cheap production company to create a piece for you. I truly feel for nonprofits as they try to be good stewards of the resources they have been given.

Our creative director, Matthew Moore, has an extensive background in nonprofits and ministry work. He worked for Young Life for 8 years, raising money, organizing volunteers, and mentoring high school students. We are sympathetic to the work you have been called to.

Future Fox Media specializes in creating nonprofit and mission based videos with a clear message that helps you achieve your goal. Whether you are trying to raise money, get more volunteers or grow your brands awareness, we can help you motivate your audience to take action!

We have created dozens of videos that have helped organization raise MILLIONS of dollars, double their volunteer base, and ultimately achieve their goals.

We know what is effective and we know how to present your story in a clear and effective way. Contact us for to get an estimated quote and to discuss your project.