We take your video concept from an idea to a reality. With Future Fox Media, you can rest assured that your project will be a success.



We offer full service pre-production as a part of every project. We are committed to developing a detailed proposal that both parties agree on prior to filming. As part of our pre-production process, we provide a full pitch deck, which outlines the video concept in detail.                               

Pre-production services include:
- Research
- Concept Development
- Script Writing
- Storyboarding
- Location Scouting
- Production Scheduling



We strive to be the best production team in Colorado. We work with exceptional sound techs, lighting experts, camera operators, and production assistants to create high-quality content. Our production team is flexible and can scale up or down depending on your situation.

Production services include:
- Directing and Cinematography
- Production Design
- Full Lighting Setups
- Aerial Video/Photo
- Photography
- Sound Design


Post Production

We work with our clients to ensure an efficient post-production process. We communicate early and often throughout post-production, to ensure timely delivery of the final project. The project is considered complete once our client is happy.

Post Production services include:
- Video Editing & Color Grading
- Audio Mixing & Mastering
- Custom Motion Graphics
- Revisions With Client
- Distribution Strategy
- Social Media