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Future Fox Media is an Austin Texas based video production company that was founded in 2017 to create a variety of potential products that can meet or exceed any potential client’s needs. From larger scale clients who may be looking for commercial or corporate videos, promotional videos, or small business videos aimed at expanding their customer base to individual clients or small team clients who may be looking for a more precise brand video that tells an effective story, the skilled team of videographers at Future Fox Media can help bring your vision to life for an incredibly reasonable rate.

From the moment you call us or walk through the door, our primary goal at Future Fox Media is to take all of the stress out of the video production process for you and your potential business associates. As such, we take a great deal of pride in the entire process from pre-production planning and future marketing models to the high-quality production of video content which we guarantee will satisfy and eventually through the distribution process where our team of marketing professionals will make sure the content we have provided you will get the most exposure possible. Our business is your vision, and unlike several other video production companies that you will find out there, we strive to maintain clear and transparent communication through every step in the process to ensure that the end product is exactly what you were initially envisioning, and if you get new ideas along the way, no problem! Our team is incredibly flexible and can modify existing content or create new content as needed without compromising the integrity and overall quality of the product you have trusted us with.

Top-rated Media Company for Customer Service and Satisfaction


Not only has Future Fox Media managed to employ the best local videographers throughout the Austin Texas area, we’ve spent a great deal of time and resources in developing our staff to be experts in every stage of the video production process, which is all then passed on to you, the customer and the creative vision that you have for your business or individual need. While the talented staff at Future Fox Media can create a wide variety of videos, from commercials, corporate recruitment efforts, and promotional content to event videos, personal audition recordings, and nonprofit or fundraising pieces, it is the entirety of the process and delivering phenomenal customer service throughout that we take the most pride in.

From the moment you decide to trust us with your video production needs, you will be a part of our 4-stage process: Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production, and Distribution & Marketing. Here is a closer look at each stage of the process and what you can expect from us:


Full-service pre-production is a part of every video project, regardless of the project’s scope and scale. You (or your team) will meet with the professionals at Future Fox Media to provide us with as much background information about your company or your idea(s) as possible. We will then collaborate with you to make sure there is a clear and impactful meaning at the foundation of the work, ensuring that the final video production product is as impactful as possible.

Diligent research will likely be a part of this stage, and we will handle all of that for you. During the Pre-Production stage, you can expect to meet with our video production team several times before moving forward in the process to make sure everybody is on the same page. The major components that we will handle during this stage include brand research, concept development, scripting & storyboarding, location scouting, and production scheduling.


Future Fox Media’s goal is to be the best video production company and video production agency in the state of Texas. As such, we only work with the best sound and lighting experts, camera operators, and production assistants that the region has. This is to ensure that your end product is of the highest quality possible. During this stage of the process, you can expect our video production team to stay in constant contact and communication with you regarding the development and filming of your video production project.

If there are any changes or additional ideas that you or your business team have during this stage, know that the Future Fox Media specialists will accommodate whatever your needs may be, even if that means scaling up or scaling down the overall project. The major components that we will handle during this stage include directing & producing, full lighting & sound, cinematography, aerial video/photo production, and photography.

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Please know that your video production project is only considered complete once you are 100% satisfied and happy with the outcome. A large component of the overall project is the post-production stage where our professionals get to work with video editing, adding graphics or other special effects, mastering the audio for top-notch quality, and performing an impressive color grading process that truly gives the video the professional gloss that will have consumers convinced you paid a fortune to have made.

As is the case with every other part of the video production process at Future Fox Media, our team will communicate and meet with you often through the post-production process to ensure that your video project is exactly as you have envisioned. You will also be amazed at the quality of work that the Future Fox Media team can do while adhering to the original deadline established during the pre-production stage. The major components that we will handle during this stage include video editing & color grading, audio mixing & mastering, custom motion graphics, and revisions with the client.

Distribution & Marketing

A lot of the scope and direction of your video production project will obviously be determined at the outset during the pre-production stage of the process, however, there are some incredibly important things for you to do with your completed video in order for it to be effective and reach its maximum potential, and of course, Future Fox Media is here to help. Because every project’s end goal is different, it is imperative that the proper target audience is ultimately reached. Not only will we help you define and understand your target audience (based on the comprehensive research that our video production company completed during the pre-production stage), we will help you get your video to the proper channels (e.g., websites, social media landscape, television, etc.) in which your target audience most frequents.

In addition to helping distribute and market your final video project, we also offer as many consultations as you need during this stage to feel comfortable with the future direction of the product you have. The major components that we will handle during this stage include marketing strategies & consultations, social media distribution, embedding in website(s), YouTube distribution, and ad campaigns.

Amazing Video Production Services Offered

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While we aren’t shy about promoting the excellent quality and hands-on process that Future Fox Media utilizes in creating client videos, we also pride ourselves on the breadth of video production options and services that we provide to clients. Here are some of the different projects that we specialize in:

Video Production / Marketing Videos: we can help your team to target specific audiences and demographics through a high-quality video production process. The potential marketing videos that our team can provide for your business will help boost the long-term success of your product(s).

Brand Films / Videos: wanting your business to stand for some specific values? Let our team of professional videographers at Future Fox Media build a series of theme-tailored videos which are sure to build brand loyalty among your customers.

Promotional Videos: needing to advertise a sale or creatively move inventory? Future Fox Media is well-known for some of the excellent promotional videos that we’ve made. Come sit down with our team to discuss your short-term sales goals, and we will come up with some innovative and creative ideas for you to choose from in terms of highly effective promo videos.

Nonprofit Videos: many people are skeptical about using video pieces for their nonprofit endeavors, but it’s been proven that potential customers are way more likely to donate if the nonprofit organization has a video. At Future Fox Media, we can assure you that we will provide your nonprofit organization with an extremely stream-lined video production that will impress potential traffic for your business.

Fundraising Videos: much like nonprofit videos, those organizing a fundraiser can be hesitant to commit money towards a fundraising video for fear that it will only be an investment that will end up in the red. However, if done correctly, a fundraising video can greatly impact the total amount of coverage and overall fundraising effort that your campaign has.

Corporate Videos: looking to capture your perfect idea to convey to others in your corporation or business? Future Fox Media has created several different impressive and cost-effective corporate videos for a variety of purposes.

Video Production Consulting: our team of experts at Future Fox Media pride themselves on their video production consulting process. From your first meeting with us until the finished product is in your hands, our videographers communicate through every stage of the process and will accommodate whatever needs or suggestions you may have. Before moving from one stage of the video production process to the next, we will make sure that everything in the previous video production stage is up to your standards and exactly as you have envisioned it.

Aerial / Drone Videos and Photography: many businesses are now starting to utilize high-quality aerial and drone videos for a variety of purposes. Although some obvious businesses like golf courses and mapping & surveying companies are what come to mind first when thinking of how to utilize aerial and drone footage, there are many more creative ways to grow your business through aerial and drone videos.

If there is a type of video production that you are not seeing listed above, please feel free to contact the professionals at Future Fox Media with your project idea, and we would be more than happy to accommodate whatever your needs may be. Again, at Future Fox Media, we pride ourselves on the versatility of video production options that we provide, and we would like to believe that there’s not a video production project that we cannot create or complete.